Donor FAQ

Wendy Bolm 07/21/2016

I'm having a problem with the donation form. What do I do? 

About 90 percent of donation issues can be solved by refreshing the page or switching to a newer web browser (we recommend Chrome). If you continue to experience difficulties, we suggest contacting your nonprofit directly. They can attempt the donation for you, and if the donation still won't process, we can work with them on researching the problem and finding the quickest solution. 

I placed a donation, but I never received a receipt. 

Please contact the nonprofit you donated to. They can find your donation and resend your email receipt. 

I placed a donation in memory or honor of someone, but the dedication isn't on my email receipt. 

In order to send out receipts in a timely manner, there's a few minute window of time where you can add the dedication and still have it show on the receipt. If it takes you more than a few minutes to fill out the dedication information, your dedication will still show up in your donation's record in our system. If you have any questions about your dedication or want to change the information you provided, please contact the nonprofit you donated to, so they can update the dedication or answer your questions. 

I placed a recurring donation, and I have questions about it or want to change some of my information. 

Our recurring donation system is very customizeable. Nonprofits can edit the end date, frequency, and charge date of a donation. Some nonprofits choose to let donations run forever. 

When you placed your donation, you should have received a donation receipt via email. Each time your payment method is charged, you will receive another receipt. In each email is a management link that you can use to edit your information or cancel your donation. It also gives the terms of the donation itself and should be kept for your records. If you can't find your receipt, please call the nonprofit you donated to so they can update your donation.

Contacting the nonprofit you donated to is the best course of action if you have a question about you recurring donation, since specifics of each donation can vary from person to person but also from organization to organization. 

I've created a Peer to Peer campaign for my favorite nonprofit, and I'd like to get some help setting it up. 

If you need general help, your nonprofit is your best contact. They will have their own procedures and best practices for setting up campaigns. 

I'm having an issue setting up my Peer to Peer campaign. 

Most issues with campaigns are easily solved by opening and closing your browser, switching to a different web browser, or restarting your computer. Also, if you're having issues uploading a photo, keep in mind that we recommend keeping images under 2MB; if the image is too large, it won't upload into the system. 

If you continue to have issues, you'll still want to get in touch with your nonprofit; we'll be able to troubleshoot their system and work with them to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.