4 Helpful Tips for Your Next E-Appeal

Jason Nicosia 08/06/2014
Guest BloggerJodie Penner, Director of Development – St Vincent DePaul of San Mateo County

Successful fundraising appeals are multi-channel events and with technology woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, the e-appeal is essential to meet funding goals. The e-appeal will help advance your mission if it is engaging and moves your supporters to take action. Best practices rely on well-established truths, so to nurture your donors and move them to give, remember to: 

1. Tell a Story: everyone loves a good story.  This is your moment to grab their attention and tug at their hearts.  Your mission matters and supporting it will give them a chance to truly make a difference.

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2. Ask Nicely: you won't get anything unless you ask, and remember you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Donors won't give unless you ask and most want to invest in a better future, so go ahead and ask them - politely.  

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3. Share: learning to share was our first lesson in giving.  Be sure to share the positive impact their donation will make. Moreover, make it easy for your donors to share the message along with their support to friends around the social media world. Sharing is caring and will become a multiplier, leading to a successful campaign.

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4. Say Thank You: mind your P's and Q's (pleases and thank yous).  It is impossible to offer too much gratitude to your benefactors.  The job of aDevelopment Director is to be the Chief Gratitude Officer.  In your e-appeal be sure to thank your donors sincerely for their commitment to your philanthropic mission.

Roger Iger, CEO of Walt Disney Co., shared his thoughts on technology in his article in the Wall Street Journal, 

"Ultimately, technology is about connecting, not cocooning; it's a tool that should empower us to reach more people and bind us closer together, rather than encourage us to disengage from one another."  

Empowering others is the foundation of most nonprofits.  Connecting with others is fundamental to humans.  Empower, connect and commit to changing our world for the better- this is what an e-appeal is all about.