Best Practices for Building a Campaign

Rachel Lefkowitz 08/13/2014

Tell Your Story - Visually and Verbally

Supporters are 50% more likely to give if your campaign has a video. It should have a strong narrative and good tempo. Think short, sweet, emphatic, and impactful.

Keep Them Engaged with Images

When you explain your campaign via text, be sure to emphasize your story with related images. This will keep the supporter’s attention and bring them closer to understanding your organization’s impact.

Timing is Everything

Promotion is Key

Think about what you will want to post on Facebook, tweet, and email in those first 72 hrs of your campaign and the weeks following. How are you going to keep your donors engaged? What will you say to them when donations are rolling in to keep the momentum up? Or when you hit a lull? Thinking ahead will make you feel prepared and allow you to respond to the situation in a timely manner and achieve better results.

We recommend an influx of activity on your social media pages and at least three emails to your network in the first 72 hrs, weekly emails, and then a flurry of activity and outreach in your final three days.

Leverage your Social Capital

Who has the biggest social capital in your network? Don’t discount the difference this can make. One share can spiral into a significant amount of donations and a chance to expand your network. Finding bloggers, social media gurus, and community figureheads to talk about your campaigns will result in increased donations and credibility for your organization.