Big News: CommitChange Has Acquired Philanthrogeek!

Wendy Bolm 07/14/2015
Big News: CommitChange Has Acquired Philanthrogeek!

We've had a lot of news lately here at CommitChange! Our incredible development team launched major transaction upgrades, lowered credit card fees to 2.2%, added event features, and even launched built-in email functionality. Today we can announce yet another big move in building our team. We acquired, and its founder, Nathaniel James, is joining the team as our new Director of Strategy and Partnerships. If you’d like the press release version of the announcement, click here.

Nathaniel James of Philanthrogeek and the CommitChange team

Under the Philanthrogeek banner, Nathaniel has been providing strategic consulting services to foundations and nonprofits, helping them with crowdfunding partnerships, adopting social media strategies based on listening and authentic communication, and using prototyping and design thinking to develop adaptive strategic plans. We are bringing him on because of his extensive experience as a leader and innovator in the nonprofit sector. He has helped build public policy coalitions; developed branding, websites, and digital communications strategies; served as the Executive Director for a pilot program; and worked on a number of steering committees and boards of directors, including his recent post as the President of the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture. He’s done a lot of cool stuff, including founding the Seattle chapter of the Awesome Foundation and leading field teams for the Human Rights Campaign and MoveOn. He has given presentations at a ton of conferences like SXSW and the Council on Foundations and was once drafted to defend open internet policies at a debate at the U.N.’s Internet Governance Forum in Egypt (and given two hours to prepare). And if you really want to geek out, ask him about the social network analysis of Wikipedia he completed for his master's thesis.

Perhaps more importantly, we are embarking on this new partnership because of the values we all share, including transparency, the enduring value of the nonprofit sector, and the potential for deeper innovation and impact through collaboration. Here is what our CEO Roderick Campbell had to say about the acquisition:

"Nathaniel’s thought leadership has been an inspiration for the CommitChange team since our early days. His was the first voice we heard arguing that the ‘crowd’ is just as powerful as the ‘funding.' He was an early advocate for opening up the data systems of the philanthropic sector, and understands that networked ‘small’ donors can be just as powerful as big foundations, and that empowering data-driven practices will change our world. This acquisition represents a first bold affirmation of the kind of people we want at CommitChange. We’re building a team of activists and innovators to start a new era for nonprofits."

To learn more about Nathaniel, check out his LinkedIn profile (which he’ll be updating soon) and follow him and Philanthrogeek on Twitter. You can read about his vision for his new role with us here.