Calling All Early Adopters

Jason Nicosia 08/13/2014
Calling All Early Adopters

Calling All Early Adopters!

We're proud to announce that we've finished our first complete feature set for CommitChange, and now have two pricing tiers available. 

Important Note:

As a thank you for being an early adopter, all current nonprofit users will be "grandfathered" into a full implementation of CommitChange's Essentials Package for free if set up prior to August 31st, 2014. Existing users who already have our donation button installed on their website and have processed at least $10 will be automatically grandfathered into this deal.

Some highlights from the update:

● CommitChange Basic- Free: All of the basic fundraising tools on the CommitChange site remain available to nonprofits for free. This includes donations, events, campaigns, and the basic fundraising dashboard.

● CommitChange Essentials- $75/month: For the best results in your nonprofit's fundraising efforts, use the Essentials Package and integrate the CommitChange tools directly into your website. You'll also get the added bonus of P2P campaigns, and more detailed analytics. 

If you've already got your Essentials Tier set up, congrats! It's free as a thank you for your early support! If not, give us a call before August 31st to get it set up and take advantage of this deal.