CommitChange's Response to the Orlando Murders

Wendy Bolm 06/21/2016

CommitChange Gay Pride Logo

What happens when you reach your limit, and don't feel like you have enough to give? For some, that moment is paralyzing. For others, it is an invitation to take action.

As a proud LGBTQA member of the CommitChange Team and a native Floridian, I was going, going, going last week. My days were dedicated to serving our nonprofits, my nights were spent logging multiple hours in the New Orleans gay community, attending vigils and meetups and support groups: I had to do everything I could to support the people around me. And, I still don't feel like it is enough.

I joined the Big Easy Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for service work and ministry, where I held hands and gave hugs and listened as members of my community told me about their grief and fear and anger. On Saturday, I celebrated Pride with my brothers and sisters. And, I still don't feel like I'm doing enough.

I, along with my colleagues at CommitChange, care deeply about the gay community. If you are (or know) a nonprofit  doing impact work in the LGBTQA space, please connect with me at for complimentary training, on topics ranging from fundraising to technical development.   It is time to move forward, and we can do that together.

If you think CommitChange would drastically improve your ability to provide services to the LGBTQA community, even if you are a volunteer-based LGBTQA organization bootstrapping it, or overwhelmed with a small budget, please enter your email below for a free demo and ways we can make our online fundraising system affordable and accessible to you. 

If you simply would like to know about resources available or opportunities to help out in the response for Orlando, let's chat. :)

Most importantly, please take care of yourselves out there, and each other. Lend an ear to someone in need, or take the time to let those who are important to you in your life know that you love them. It's through small steps that we often make the biggest impact.

With love, 

Wendy Bolm

Director of Support and Nonprofit Advocacy