Finding Your Nonprofit's Voice

Alessandra Madrid 02/02/2015

Your nonprofit needs a voice. Your voice is your nonprofit’s personality and it is the best way to identify with your supporters. Developing your nonprofit’s voice is not an easy task, but it is very important to define it before you begin creating any sort of messaging or campaigns. Not sure what your nonprofit’s voice sounds like? Does your organization even have an identifiable voice? Follow these exercises and tips and find your nonprofit’s voice!

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Define your target constituent

This is certainly hard to do. In an ideal world, everyone would be a potential donor. However, as an organization you must know who will be most likely to identify with your cause. Try to identify as many characteristics as you can about your target donor, as this will definitely dictate a major part of your nonprofit’s voice:

Relate your cause to your target donor

Once you’ve been able to narrow down who your target donor is and the types of things that define them, it’s time to think how your nonprofit’s cause and your donor relate.

Identify these communalities, list them out and start crafting your nonprofit’s voice!

Be Genuine and Consistent

You don’t need fancy words and a thesaurus to create a well-crafted message. Be true to your cause and the people involved with your nonprofit when developing your nonprofit’s voice. Because you will be communicating with your target donors both offline and through online media, maintaining your genuinity will allow you to connect with your target donors on an deeper and more personal level.

It is also key to maintain consistency when creating a voice for your nonprofit. Any type of communication your organization distributes must maintain a certain tone and personality. If opt for a formal tone when writing for your website content, your thank you letters and email must certainly not contain casual vocabulary. Consistency in your nonprofit’s voice will allow you to stay genuine in the eyes of your donors.

Congratulations, you are now closer to having found your nonprofit’s voice! Build a guide that you can distribute to your organization’s members and volunteers, therefore you can ensure consistency all throughout your activities. Are you ready to start spreading your message to your target donors with your newfound voice? Start a campaign on CommitChange today!