Give Local America 2015

Alessandra Madrid 05/04/2015

Give Local America is an initiative that began just last year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of community foundations in the United States and the vital role they play in local philanthropy. It has been the largest, single-day charitable crowdfunding event ever. This year Give Local is back to empower every person in America to give back to their local organizations who are tackling their communities’ most critical issues.

The CommitChange team is excited to once again be able to participate in this great day for local giving in our two communities, Silicon Valley and the Greater New Orleans Area. Check out how each one of us is taking part in this great nationwide event.

Roderick, Co-Founder & CEO

"I am very excited about Give Local America this year, on that day I'll be donating my time and volunteering for BUILD in Redwood City, CA. I will also be donating fundraising collateral to various nonprofits in my community, such as StarVista, Caminar, Thrive Alliance, and the Bay Area Senior Games."

Jay, Co-Founder & CTO

"This Give Local America Day, I will be supporting a nonprofit called Cat Town. Many cats struggle in an animal shelter setting, sensitive to new sounds, smells, and the trauma of losing a home that was familiar. Cat Town helps cats least likely to be adopted from Oakland's municipal shelter. Through its foster-based program, Cat Town allows sensitive cats to continue to be socialized and find great permanent homes. I foster many of these cats in my home and have also donated funds to their organization. Fun fact: Cat Town opened the first cat café in the US!"

Yutaka, UX Director

"My favorite local nonprofit is called Other Minds, they are a global New Music community where composers, students, and listeners discover and learn about innovative music by composers from all over the world. Last year, I was part of an event where they recruited volunteers to be part of a 100 electric guitar orchestra. For this Give Local America Day, I will continue to support this organization."

Doug Wright, Software Writer & Marketer

"My favorite nonprofit is Kingiti School Scholarship and Village Health Outreach Fund. Although they are located in Tanzania, this nonprofit is very close to my heart and my community because my cousin, Ben Belknap, was one of its founders and is still very involved in the organization serving as a project director, board member, and translator. As a part of Give Local America I will continue to support this great organization that is working towards the implementation of education and health projects in Kingiti."

Jason, Chief Marketing Officer

"My favorite local nonprofit is Venture For America. I am currently looking to hire VFA fellows because of the awesome preparation and training they receive right out of school. On May 5th I'll be donating to our local program to help place more fellows around New Orleans."

Alessandra, Content Marketing Manager

"This year for Give Local America, I will be attending New Orleans’ very own Give Local Fiesta. This event will feature local music, food and drinks, most importantly it will feature a Give Local Donation station in which you can donate to your favorite charity on the spot. Nonprofits in this event include my favorite one: Café Reconcile, a nonprofit restaurant that teaches life skills and job training to youth from at-risk communities in the New Orleans area. As a part-time food blogger, not only do I fully believe in their mission but I fully enjoy the amazing dishes they serve!"

Wendy, Customer Success Manager

"For more than a century, City Park has been New Orleans's communal backyard. Our nation's parks are integral to the well being of our communities; that's why I'm going to be donating to Friends of City Park on May 5th."

It’s your turn now, how will you be participating in Give Local America this year? Let’s build a stronger America together today and make it an even bigger success that it was last year. Don’t know where to give in your community? Explore here.