6 Hashtags Every Nonprofit Must Keep Up With

Alessandra Madrid 02/09/2015

Welcome to the world of hashtags; this digital world is full of useful aggregated content on social media platforms. You might ask, “What is aggregated content?” or “Why should my nonprofit keep up with hashtags?” Fear not, we’re here to explain it all!

Aggregated content is a way of presenting content with a common theme under one umbrella, in this case a hashtag. Aggregated content allows for online users to search and browse online conversations and publications that have a similar or related topic. Hashtags allow for an easy way of aggregating content is social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc!

Hashtags are an integral part of how we communicate online now. Keeping up with hashtags relevant to nonprofits will not only allow you to connect better with your followers, but you will also be able to reach an infinite amount of resources through these as well.


#Fundchat is a live Twitter discussion that takes place every every Wednesday at 12 pm EDT. This hashtag chat brings together different professionals within the nonprofit industries to discuss a different topic each week. Share your nonprofit’s successes, ask questions and collaborate with your nonprofit peers through #fundchat!


#NPTech is a hashtag used by a variety of users on twitter to aggregate content related to the use of technology in the nonprofit industry. This hashtag is great to share updates from your nonprofit like a new site launch, questions about software, or even promoting your latest online donation platform!


This hashtag can help you spark your fundraising campaigns via social media every Tuesday. It is also used by other members of the nonprofit industry to highlight fundraising campaigns, fundraising ideas and successes. Use this hashtag in your nonprofit’s social media to encourage weekly giving! You can also invite your followers to promote it on their personal profiles every week as well.


Navigating all of the different social media platforms can be quite a challenge, the type of content that works on Twitter does not always work on Facebook. Nonprofits, consultants, social media professionals and community managers share their case studies, success stories or educational webinars through this hashtag. Find great resources and tips for your nonprofit’s social content and strategies with #SM4NP (Social Media For Nonprofits)!


Need ideas on how to show your donors your gratitude? Hop over to the #DonorLove hashtag and find great tips on how to take your thanking activities to the next level. You can also showcase how you thanked your donors throughout the year and share your own experiences on how you showed love for your donors!


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