Help Businesses Defend Net Neutrality

Wendy Bolm 12/13/2017
Help Businesses Defend Net Neutrality

Defending net neutrality is crucial to emerging tech businesses in the United States, and we've sent out a letter to our elected officials affirming our stance on this issue. Here is the text:

As an emerging tech company, we know that net neutrality is paramount to business innovation and growth within the United States. Allowing internet providers to block, throttle, or discriminate between web traffic based on internet provider preferences will harm businesses and consumers. It will stifle innovation and the marketplace of ideas.

From a business standpoint, if net neutrality is eradicated, we risk no longer being able to provide a consistent user experience for our nonprofit clients or their donors. If ISPs throttle the service of their rivals’ customers, sites with views they disagree with, or companies that can’t afford to pay for preferential treatment, for example, it will result in financial loss to nonprofit organizations and frustration for donors trying to give to charity. The loss to nonprofits is not insignificant; in the first five years of CommitChange’s existence, we’ve helped nonprofits raise nearly $30 million in donations.

We believe that all types of internet commerce should rise and fall based on their own merit, not on a company’s or user’s ability to pay for fast lanes or preferential treatment.

These are not new concepts; the FCC adopted strict, enforceable Title II net neutrality provisions with their 2015’s Open Internet Order. We urge you to fight with us to protect these rules and to further strengthen them through additional legislation and policies to ensure that the State of Wisconsin, and the United States, can compete in technological innovation.

Together we can make a difference.


The CommitChange Team
CEO- Roderick Campbell
COO- Wendy Bolm
Lead Developer- Eric Schultz

Sent to:

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

FCC Commissioners Mignon Clyburn, Brendan Carr, Michael O'Rielly, Jessica Rosenworcel

Senator Tammy Baldwin

Senator Ron Johnson

Congressman Mike Gallagher

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Wisconsin State Senator Roger Roth

Wisconsin State Representative Amanda Stuck

Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna