Holiday Fundraising Secrets for Procrastinators

Jason Nicosia 12/10/2014
Holiday Fundraising Secrets for Procrastinators

Ok, so you’ve just realized that the end of the year is fast approaching, and you haven’t done anything to prep for an end of year fundraising campaign. It’s not too late!  About a third of all online giving will take place this month, so now is the time to get your campaign together and finish the year strong. Here are a few secrets to help make your Holiday Fundraising campaign a success.

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Ask for More Than Just Money-

#GivingTuesday took place on December 2nd and nonprofits all over the world ran campaigns to raise money. Unfortunately, over 60% of those donations will end up as one time gifts. Why? Nonprofits need to follow up with donors to build a relationship. By asking for a relationship from the donor instead of just money, you are more likely to see them give again. Don’t let your relationship end at just the thank you note. Now is the perfect time to let them know you appreciate them with a Holiday note.

Link to your donate page on both your email and Holiday letters-

Speaking of Holiday notes, don’t miss the boat on allowing your supporters to click a link to visit your donation page, or even type in a URL from a “snail mail” letter. Be sure to have a simple “” link for them to easily find. Your millennial supporters will appreciate that they don’t need to dust of the ole checkbook.

Set an achievable Goal-

When creating your holiday campaigns, set a goal! It’s like letting Santa know exactly what you want for Christmas. Your supporters will appreciate seeing their impact on your overall mission by helping your organization reach it’s goal. Setting a goal also give you some content to share in your Holiday solicitation emails. “We’re 90% of the way to our year end fundraising goals. Help us get there!”

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Reinforce Your Email Messaging-

This Holiday season, your supporters will be bombarded by dozens of emails from nonprofits, stores, and long lost family members. Don’t make the mistake of only sending one end of the year ask to your supporters. Come up with a calendar of outreach with 4 or 5 separate emails, all with a differently framed ask. Different messages will resonate with different donors, so be sure to include some variety.

Bonus Tip- Don't procrastinate next year. 

Happy Holidays from the CommitChange team! Need help setting up your holiday campaign? Create your free campaign here