Holiday Giving

Rachel Lefkowitz 11/05/2014
Holiday Giving

Most nonprofits are going to raise 33% of their annual donations this month. We've put together a few strategies to help organizations take advantage of this spike in the giving season.

Holiday Branding

Just like buying gifts or booking holiday travel, when you invite a donor to give to your nonprofit this holiday season it should be about their experience.

All of your holiday branding should match- from your email series, to your Facebook page, to your campaign page. Continue that excitement and inspiration from your initial ask to the end of the donation process.


The holidays provide a great excuse for family and friends to get together. They inspire thoughts of shared meals, delicious goodies, and giving back.

Ask your influential community members to host a holiday event to raise money for your organization. Guests can purchase tickets to the event, and all proceeds will go to supporting your cause.


Campaigns are another great way for people to give back.  Ask one or two of you board members to setup a holiday fund, all proceeds will go to furthering your cause. Create the experience like a gift that will go towards solving one of the most important issues facing your community.

Make it Easy

Make it easy to participate. Craft emails, Facebook posts, or provide a template for the campaign. Do everything you can to provide your influential community members with the materials they need run a successful event or campaign.

The Big Thank You

No matter what fundraiser you do this season, be sure to send out a special thank you to your holiday donors.

Show them their impact by sending newsletter about how much you riased this season and where the funds will go. Make sure they know how much their donation mattered and the kind of impact it will make. This helps turn holiday donors into year round donors, and keeps them coming back for years to come.