How To Engage and Retain Your Donors in 2015

Alessandra Madrid 01/23/2015

Engaging your donors throughout the year is key to retaining their donations as the months pass by. It is also key to convert first time donors into recurring ones. Recent studies show that the key to retaining donors in 2015 lies in constant communication with impact stories from your organization. Engage and retain your donors with these tips:

Show them their impact

In a recent study, donor technology research firm Software Advice found that nonprofits can greatly impact how they retain and gain donors by constantly sharing quality content with them. This is not hard to achieve considering that you already have those great stories to share, it’s a matter of presenting them in a way that will impact your donors.

Show your donors their impact by sending them great content highlighting your successes in 2014, this way your donors will see that your organization is progressing and putting their donation dollars to a good use.

A few ideas for how to present your stories are:

Share your plans for 2015

Your donors need to know why they should continue supporting  your organization. Set clear goals and plans and present them to your donors early on; the earlier you share your plans for the year, the more likely they will be to allocate their funds towards your nonprofit.

But don’t let them forget about your plans as the year progresses! Engage your supporters through social media and email campaigns as you hit your goals throughout the year. Did you reach your fundraising goals ahead of time? Share it with them! Did you have an awesome turnout at a fundraising event? Let your donors know about it!

Continue showcasing your organization’s work through online channels and remind them of what you are still hoping to achieve.

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Create giving opportunities throughout the year

Retaining donors, especially those first time donors is something every nonprofit continues to struggle with. Currently, new donor retention is at 22.9% whereas repeat donor retention is at 60.8%. So how can you turn those first time donors turn into repeat donors year after year? A monthly or bi-monthly reminder is certainly a way to stay atop of your donor’s minds. This not only gives them more information about your organization throughout the year but it also promotes the idea that giving can take place multiple times a year.

Social media and email campaigns are a cost-effective and fun way of reaching your current donors. Create small campaigns throughout the year and encourage your donors to participate. Think outside the box for these! Use branded hashtags, offer prizes, give shoutouts to those who donated, etc.

When doing these mini campaigns make sure you are directing them to a user-friendly system that can process donations online. This way, you are not only promoting giving throughout the year but you are providing your donors with a painless way of giving to your organization multiple times a year. Don’t forget to include the repeating donation option on your donation button to convert even more first timers to repeat donors!

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Don’t forget to thank them

One of the most important steps in the giving cycle is thanking your donors. A thank you video is a great way of not only once again communicating and showing your appreciation for your donors but it is also a great way of engaging them. Create a short video giving thanks and share it with your donor database.

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Go as big as you want in your thank yous, but don’t forget to keep sharing the meaningful and quality content your donors are looking for!

Your donor relationships should be like your personal relationships, grow and nurture them by frequently communicating and sharing what you have been up to and what your next steps are. Ready to start engaging your donors? Go straight to your CommitChange dashboard and begin collecting data to start telling those great stories your donors want to hear about!