Last Minute #GivingTuesday Tips

Jason Nicosia 11/24/2014

#GivingTuesday is around the corner, and hopefully by now your nonprofit has a plan to participate. Check out these last minute ideas to get your campaigns and fundraisers going on December 2nd.

Launch your campaigns now to build momentum

Don’t wait till the morning of Giving Tuesday to launch your campaigns. You can begin creating support for the campaign now, and just make your final push on December 2nd. Most crowdfunding tools allow you to begin and end a campaign at any time, so be sure to get yours live. The sooner the better.

Get your influencers ready to do their part

#GivingTuesday is a largely community based fundraising day that thousands of nonprofits will be using to raise funds. Using the hashtag #givingtuesday on SocialMedia, nonprofits can use personal stories from influencers to help their campaign get traction. You’ve only got a huge number of eyes on your page for a few hours, so have your board members, celebrity supporters, and influential supporters ready to grab the megaphone and spread the word.

Use video to strengthen your message

When you make your “ask” on a campaign page, be sure to create a quick video that explains why donors should support your organization on this day. Production value is not nearly as important as having good content here. Even if you’re just using a smartphone on a stand to record, it’ll be much better than just using a photo in it’s place. You can also ask supporters to share the campaign in your video ask after they donate.

Ask people to do something if they can’t give money

Many people just won’t be ready to pull out their credit card at the drop of a hat to support your organization. Remember, #givingtuesday is all about reaching new donors, as well as connecting with existing supporters. Someone who has just learned about your organization today might not be ready to donate just yet. What else can they do to support you? Make their own video? Tell their story? Send food? Clothes?

Team up with others in your community

Without a doubt, other nonprofits in your community already have plans for #givingtuesday. Reach out, find out what those are, and how you can work together. December 2nd is about harnessing the power of community, so talk to yours and figure out what you can do to help. Let them know how they can help your organization make the most of #givingtuesday. Many communities even have Foundations that tally the total giving on December 2nd and will collect donations on your behalf if you ask.

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