Net Neutrality is Getting Serious and Affects All of Us

Wendy Bolm 12/11/2017
Net Neutrality is Getting Serious and Affects All of Us

Whether we like it or not, humans have reached an era where technology and the internet are critical parts of everyday life. Our conversations, transactions, and the very fabric of society depends on access to the network that we call "the internet."

Now there are people who want to control, dictate, and restrict access to that critical infrastructure. Freedom of information and speech isn't a new struggle - there have always been those who want to own, dominate, and control others. If we become complacent and give away our most essential rights it may take us many generations to restore them, assuming they can be restored at all.

Therefore, we're breaking our silence at CommitChange and asking all of you to join us in protecting net neutrality for ourselves, our children, and future generations. We must not be the people who gave away such essential freedoms. The coming years and our collective actions will be remembered. Will we be remembered for protecting a free and civil society, or for giving it away?

Take action by emailing the FCC chairman, before it's too late: