Nonprofit Spotlight: Amputee Blade Runners

Alessandra Madrid 03/19/2015
Nonprofit Spotlight: Amputee Blade Runners

Located in Nashville, TN, Amputee Blade Runners (ABR) provides free running prosthetics for amputees in 27 States.

Running prosthetics are not covered by insurance plans and are considered “not medically necessary," this organization helps amputees keep an active and healthy lifestyle. Their goal is to provide running prosthesis to at least one athlete in all 50 states by the year 2016. CommitChange spoke with the Executive Director, Trey Barclay, who told us everything about this wonderful cause. Amputee Blade Runners has helped amputees as young as 4 and up to 64 years old, by providing them with running and sports prosthetics, as well as having events to promote social running.

We had to ask more about social running, as ABR is currently running a campaign through CommitChange that involves this concept. "5FIVE15 will take place on national running day. The idea is to spread the word and get running stores and running groups involved to make this the biggest national running campaign yet. 5FIVE15 will help us benefit ABR’s future athletes," Barclay commented. As their online campaign mentions, you do not HAVE to run in a group necessarily but since ABR is a team, they highly encourage you to make this a group or social event. They want people to be active and support a great cause in the process!

One of our biggest concerns when speaking with nonprofits is about their fundraising challenges. This nonprofit is like no other; they have an annual budget of $90,000, they have reach in half of the country, yet they have a very small part-time staff. How do they do it? “Good people and volunteers”, Barclay said. ABR relies on mostly volunteers and online platforms such as their CommitChange profile and social media to spread the word about their nonprofit and upcoming events.

Amputee Blade Runners has greatly benefitted from incorporating an online donation platform into their fundraising strategy. When asked about their experience utilizing CommitChange, Barclay shared the following data with us:

Their first campaign was 173% funded, and the rest of the Amputee Blade Runner campaigns continue to receive more and more donations. Aside from the ease of receiving online donations, Barclay mentioned that “[Through CommitChange], we are getting a lot more than just donations, we are getting valuable information from donors, such as their emails."

Barclay also said that he does not come from a nonprofit background and neither do the members of their board. He is currently the only part-time on-staff member at the organization, and his main struggle is setting up events and signing up volunteers. However, he mentioned, their challenges have not stopped them from being able to help people and put on successful events. “We just have to be creative when it comes to fundraising,” he said. Through engaging posting and sending out newsletters, their social media following has quadrupled in the last year.

Small organizations with a big impact like these inspire us every single day. Learn more about Amputee Blade Runners by visiting their website or donating to their 5FIVE15 Campaign!