Nonprofits and Open Source

Wendy Bolm 04/12/2017
Nonprofits and Open Source

CommitChange now hosts Fika for Social Good events in the MidWest, an informal series of discussions for nonprofit leaders and tech professionals. Our most recent discussion was led by open source advocate and prpl Foundation community manager Eric Schultz. 

At our most recent fika, Eric Schultz discussed some of the basics of open source with local nonprofit leaders along with ways that open source can benefit nonprofits. He explained how the four freedoms of open source, the right to use software, the right to study how its made, the right to modify it, and the right to share changes with other people, feed into what should make open source attractive to nonprofit users. 

For Eric, the benefits of open source in the nonprofit community can be broken down into: 

Eric Schults, speaker for CommitChange Fika for Social Good

Eric Schultz is an open source expert and Community Manager for the prpl Foundation, an open source, community-driven consortium with a focus on enabling the security and interoperability of embedded devices.