Observing Earth Day Every Day

Wendy Bolm 04/20/2017
Observing Earth Day Every Day

With Earth Day approaching on 4/22, it's important to remember that we all have the power to make earth-friendly choices every day. Here are some simple ways the CommitChange team gets involved in our own communities. 

Get involved in local clean-up and restoration efforts.

On Earth Day especially, but also throughout the year, local groups lead efforts across the U.S. to clean and restore natural resources in parks, roadways, waterways, and public spaces. This year Wendy Bolm, our Director of Support and Nonprofit Advocacy, is organizing a team of folks from her office to help with the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance Earth Day Clean-Up. Wendy's team will join volunteers from around the area to clean up a local park. The alliance is hosting multiple clean-up spots, from local riverbanks to other parks in the Fox Valley region.


The whole CommitChange team recycles through their respective cities' programs. If your local municipality doesn't offer pick-up service or a recycling center, now is a good time to contact your local government and work on improving access to environmentally friendly programs. 


There are products on the market to make composting accessible for every sized home. Cofounder and Lead Enginer Jay Bolton keeps a compost bin in his apartment's kitchen, while Wendy's household keeps a compost jar on the kitchen sink that can be carried outside to the backyard compost pile. Composting helps keep biodegradable waste out of landfills and in the local community where it can be used to nourish plant life. 


Gardening is a source of relaxation and helps connect us to the cycles of the earth; it can also be a way to have more control over food source and quality. Front-End Engineer Yutaka Houlette tends a plot with his children at a local community garden (pictured above).

Support nonprofits that help the environment. 

Many of the nonprofits CommitChange works with also do their part to help the environment within their local communities. 

Bitter Root Water Forum works to educate people in Montana about the Bitterroot Watershed and leads efforts to protect and restore the ecosystems of local waterways through education, their own clean-up days, and initiatives to rebuild healthy riparian zones. 

Outside of the U.S., SOIL works with members of Haitian communities to use ecological sanitation to benefit local agricultural and reforestation efforts.