Online Donation Tools for Nonprofits

Roderick Campbell 09/03/2015
Online Donation Tools for Nonprofits

Summer is over and the fundraising race is starting back up. Does your nonprofit have the tools you need to hit your goals? We've compiled a list of extremely helpful online donation tools that your organization should explore. Without further ado...

Fundraising Productivity Tools

Boomerang will save you from drowning in emails, or forgetting them. Their free browser plugin is like a snooze button for your emails; you can hide messages for a set period of time (say 6 hours) and then it will reappear at the top of your inbox at that time. Simply effective.

YouCanBookMe eliminates all the scheduling communication. Tell their system when you have openings in your schedule and then send people a link to schedule a meeting with you; that's it. We're currently using similar software to schedule product demos and it's fantastic.

Google Drive is the best place to collaborate on documents. Other platforms like Box are also excellent, but often include more advanced features than you need. Google Drive makes it easier and faster than any other service to work on appeals, copy, and finances together.

Fundraising Website Tools

Squarespace is currently our recommended website platform for nonprofits because they do a wonderful job of balancing streamlined usability with robust features. Inexperienced website designers can generally get something online in a day or two. More advanced users can create surprisingly powerful websites in a day.

Google Analytics will give you clear, actionable data about the effectiveness of your online strategies. Installation is relatively painless and you'll be able to see how many people visit your website, exactly what they do, and where you're both succeeding and failing. Also free.

Our Own Donation Tools

Donation Processing gives you the power to collect more donations on your website. Our approach to donation processing is uniquely effective; we give you more control than ever before over your giving experience. CommitChange also incorporates strategies from thousands of individual A/B tests, ensuring your nonprofit is always cutting edge.

Crowdfunding lets you harness the power of the community. Like other fundraising platforms, you can set up a myriad of fundraising campaign options, tell powerful stories, spread the word online, and see the donations roll in. We make sure your nonprofit receives the lowest transaction costs in the world.

Event Ticketing makes it easier than ever to organize successful events. We power everything from marathons, to fundraising galas, to house parties. If you can imagine an event for your organization -- we can probably power it.

Mobile Payments increases the effectiveness of your fundraising events by allowing you to quickly and effectively collect transactions in-person from supporters. No clunky hardware required and the same rock-bottom transaction costs.

Supporter Management gives you insight about the people and organizations who support your cause. Track donors, build relationships, track offline giving, and run intuitive reports. Managing your donor database has never been easier or more powerful.