Optimize Your Website To Enhance The Online Donation Process For Your Donors

Alessandra Madrid 01/28/2015

Charitable giving is at an all-time high these days and online giving continues to steadily increase every year. Nearly 60% of donors age 66 and older are now making their contributions online, and this number is significantly higher for younger donors. With this in mind, it is imperative that organizations continue to optimize their online efforts, especially those that directly affect the donations that come in. Simple adjustments to your website and overall giving process can have a significant impact on your online donations and overall fundraising goals of the year.

Keep the Online Donation Process Within Your Website

To maximize the amount of online donations that come in from your website visitors, the donation form should be embedded within your site. Consistency within your donation platforms create a higher level of trust for online users who be sharing personal information. Sending donors to a portal outside of your organization’s site can reduce their willingness to share that information and not go through with the donation process. This also creates a sense of a faster donation process which your online donors will be most likely go through from start to finish.

Provide impact statements and stories

Quantifying a donor’s impact can help increase the donation amount. Present your donors with a variety of donation amounts and show them how the different options will directly fund a specific initiative within your organization.

Impact stories that show donors what has been achieved with funds or what will be achieved with a certain amount of funds can also greatly impact giving. Present your organization’s success stories through graphics with data and longer-form content that directly shows the link between a specific donation amount and its impact.

Make sure your “donate” button stands out

Prominently feature a “Donate” button on all of the pages within your website. The donate button should pop out from your site’s color scheme and be displayed on an area that the potential donor can easily see it without having to scroll down too much.

The donate button should also direct the donor directly to the embedded donate form within your website, it is definitely not ideal to simply direct them to options on how they can donate. Remember, it’s all about simplifying the process!

Revamp Your “Thank You” Process

Use your “Thank You” Process to make another big impression on your donors. Create a clean and visually appealing “Thank You” landing page and “Thank You” email. Aside from including the traditional name, address, donation amount and your EIN for tax purposes, utilize these to extend your Nonprofits branding and further engage your donors:

A small number of adjustments to your website are sure to have a great impact on how your donors interact with the online donation process. By keeping your processes short, straightforward and under the same website, your online fundraising should see a positive growth. Want a personal review of your nonprofit's website? Call us at 888-726-8128