'Integrity 2.1' Platform Update

Roderick Campbell 06/14/2016
'Integrity 2.1' Platform Update

Status Report: All systems are stable, and we are steadily expanding features. Donation processing remains our most popular feature, but we are also receiving consistently positive feedback on fundraising campaign and event results. New donor management features have been used for several months without many obstacles, with development based on community input.

- New Features -

🚀  Intelligent Database

nonprofit supporter database

Your CommitChange database is now able to learn more about supporters entirely on its own, and is often able to autonomously add photos, track career history, identify websites, and it's even beginning to quantify interests and stewardship predictors. As the system learns, its understanding of your supporters and recommendations will also become more intuitive and helpful. In the not-so-distant future, the system will independently identify supporters who are likely to donate and offer predictions about what type of fundraising actions are most effective.

🚀  Help Center Upgrade

Nonprofit Help Center

Thank you, everyone, for your feedback on our support and help systems! We're delighted by all of the positive feedback and have expanded our help center even more. You can now search through a robust library of help content that often includes step-by-step instructions and images to help you make the most of the CommitChange fundraising and donor management features. We are also happy to announce that our new support ticketing system is already reducing response time and support need.

🚀  Event Coupon Codes

event coupon codes for nonprofits

You asked for event coupon codes, so we created it! It's now easy to create discounted tickets for your galas, parties, workshops, and community events. Just go to any event as an administrator, click on the "% Discounts" button, and then follow the prompts. You can share these discount codes with select groups of people to allow them to purchase tickets or sponsorships at a discounted price. This little feature has a surprising amount of utility, and you're if you're not sure how to use it, reach out for suggestions.

🚀  Advanced Giving

custom donation forms

Collecting generic donations doesn't cut it anymore for most nonprofit organizations, so we now provide a robust toolkit that allows you to build just about any customized giving programs or experience. You can create monthly giving programs, process membership payments, allow donors to select locations, draw donors into the narrative of your organization with outcome-based giving, or build entirely customized giving pages using these intuitive, but robust, donation forms. If you can come up with a giving program -- CommitChange can power it.

🚀  Address Validation

nonprofit address validation

Tired of manually fixing incorrectly entered addresses? We thought so. Now CommitChange is integrated with Google to automatically validate addresses when supporters input them. Our autocomplete feature will ensure that donors enter address info more consistently and accurately, saving you from tedious work. Our integration with Google's technology will also allow us to provide unprecedented visualizations of supporters' locations and geographic patterns -- we're excited about the possibilities.

🚀  Improved Filtering

Donor management filtering

Supporter management should be painless and intuitive, which is why CommitChange now includes a bunch of new filters and parameters for tracking supporters and relationships. You can quickly and easily run almost any report without messing with query codes or raw data. In fact, we've made the process easy and intuitive enough that it doesn't even require training, just jump right in and start exploring your network of donors and supporters, and their respective impact on your organization. Additional filter suggestions are welcome!

🚀  Signup Forms (beta)

nonprofit signup forms

Last, but not least, CommitChange can now power all of your signup and registration forms! You can quickly and easily build forms forthings like volunteer registration, newsletter signup, champion list building, organizing customized groups, or just about any other activity that requires collecting information. This is a brand new feature and it's still in beta, so contact your designated nonprofit champion if you'd like to explore implementation options and recommendation.

- Team Update -

Overall, CommitChange is in good shape and has both the team and resources necessary to remain stable indefinitely. Expansion is now our primary objective and, as always, we are grateful to the organizations who help champion CommitChange in the nonprofit world. We are excited about the future and looking forward to building even more innovative nonprofit technology.

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