CommitChange Launches $250K in Software Grants Program

Alessandra Madrid 05/11/2015

Last week, CommitChange announced the launch of its Supporter Management Tier of service. Today, we are very excited to announce our Grant Program that will provide $250K in fundraising software to help nonprofits around the country modernize their technology infrastructure. 25 nonprofits will be selected to receive a 3 year implementation of the CommitChange Supporter Management Tier.

The grant program is launching in conjunction with our newest tier of software for managing donor relations and fundraising strategy. The platform is available at $299 monthly and discounted rates are available for nonprofits with an annual budget of less than $500K.

CommitChange launched its Fundraising Package to tackle the donation processing, crowdfunding, and event ticketing needs of nonprofits, and now the Supporter Management Tier takes this a step further by helping organizations effectively manage donor relations and their supporter database,” said CommitChange CEO, Roderick Campbell. “Our grant program is a way to quickly show worthy organizations around the country that their efforts shouldn’t be hindered, but rather drastically improved by technology. The Supporter Management Tier of CommitChange will revolutionize how nonprofits approach their engagement strategy.”

Nonprofits in the United States with an annual budget between $500k and $25M are eligible for the CommitChange grant. The 3 year license to the platform is valued at more than $10K, and grant applications for the 25 licenses will be accepted on a rolling basis.