Welcoming Eric Schultz

Wendy Bolm 10/20/2017
Welcoming Eric Schultz

"It's my pleasure to announce that Eric has joined the CommitChange team as lead software engineer, and will be bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. His passion for helping nonprofits succeed, and his advocacy for open source software are going to help all of us achieve our missions."  - Roderick, CEO

Here's a message from Eric:

I’m excited to join CommitChange as Lead Developer. During my technology career, I’ve mostly focused on how free and open source software can empower people. With CommitChange moving our core software to an open source model, joining to lead this effort as well as supporting the great work of our nonprofits was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Prior to CommitChange, I worked as the Community Manager at prpl Foundation with a particular focus on building the OpenWrt WiFi router software community and earlier worked as Developer Advocate at Outercurve Foundation where I managed and supported the foundation’s 25 free and open source software projects. I’ve collaborated with employees from dozens of companies to create free and open source software that improves lives and I hope we can have the same impact at CommitChange.

I have a passion for the promise and reality of free and open source software, with a focus on empowering individuals, particularly in marginalized groups, with more control over their everyday lives. I live in Appleton, Wisconsin where outside of work I enjoys watching the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Bucks, and tweeting about technology, politics, sports and my adorable Yorkie, Penelope.


Eric Schultz
Lead Engineer