Rebuilding to Remain in Palestine's Area C

Help 15 families build their homes on the land they own!

Seeking to live on the land they own, fifteen families are building houses with village-issued building permits in the Palestinian Village of Al Aqaba in the West Bank's Area C. They invested all they have and need additional funds to finish, andinternational advocacy to assure their homes remain standing. Help fund Rebuilding to Remain to provide affordable loans to finish the homes and to expand our successful advocacy. Repaid loans will be re-lent to other families to build homes and hope.

What's the problem?

IIn Area C, the 62% of the West Bank controlled entirely by Israel, Palestinians must obtain Israeli-approved master plans and building permits or risk demolition. However, these are nearly impossible to acquire - less than 3% were approved in 6 years. Under international law, Palestinian villages deserve the right to plan their future, just like communities everywhere. After 50 years of occupation, villagers ask your help to move forward peacefully because having a home and a job cannot wait.

How will this project solve the problem?

With your help we will provide loans to Palestinian villagers starting in Al Aqaba and increase our advocacy to keep homes standing. In 2012, Rebuilding Alliance helped Al Aqaba design & build their first 3 homes then more families built. All are safe and standing. A Palestinian bank is finalizing agreement with Rebuilding Alliance to coinvest to make affordable construction loans as we increase grassroots & diplomatic advocacy to prevent demolition and recognize Al Aqaba's right to plan & build.

What's the potential long-term impact?

Al Aqaba is a model of peace in a troubled part of the world. The measure of stability provided by new construction job opportunities and new homes supports this work of peace. With your help to launch this lending/advocacy program, Rebuilding to Remain will provide affordable financing to meet the housing needs of the 150,000 Palestinians who live in Area C, recognizing human rights and building socio-economic security by providing Palestinians with the means to build and determine their future.