The Crayon Initiative Needs to Move to Scale Operations

Recycling Unwanted Crayons into Unlimited Possibilities

We've outgrown our capacity to conduct operations from a home garage and kitchen. We are seeking funds to secure a dedicated facility for at least a year. With dedicated space, we will be able to scale up our operations, reducing the volume of crayons that end up in landfills by hundreds of thousands of pounds annually, while also increasing by tens of thousands the number of hospitalized children we can supply with our remanufactured crayons.

Watch the piece NBC Nightly News did on The Crayon Initiative here:

Help us meet our goal so we can move out of a garage and start building an operation that will deliver crayons to millions of hospitalized children and keep thousands of tons of wax out of our landfills.

Any additional funds raised will be used to purchase more crayon molds, secure a longer lease, purchase equipment that will allow us to operate more efficiently.

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Thank you for your support!