Help us kickstart a year of change by supporting refugee-led sports programs and empower women to realize and apply their full potential as leaders!

Funds from Kicks and Hope will support a brand new Refugees United Soccer Academy (RUSA) in refugee camp Farchana and the first ever meeting of the Darfur United Women's Team at a training camp in Chad, and enable 300 girls to play soccer for another year in camp Touloum.

Did you know that it is only $10/year for a refugee girl or boy to attend iACT's RUSA? The Academy addresses the gap in sports and physical activity for refugees by building the capacity of both male and female coaches to provide boys and girls, ages 6-13, a safe space to play and learn, all while improving their soccer skills. RUSA is entirely refugee-led, and the structure and curriculum are rooted in strength-based coaching, the pillars of “peace, helping, and sharing,” and the promotion of peacebuilding, social integration, and gender-equality.

When creating community programs in collaboration with refugees, it is a priority for us at iACT to empower the refugees to fully take on leadership and run all the activities. As humanitarian services are being cut drastically in refugee camps in eastern Chad, this is becoming even more important. The reality is that one day most of the humanitarian support may vanish. But, iACT won't.

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What we still need: $19,000

  • $6,000 for the first ever Darfur United Women's Team Training Camp
  • $10,000 to launch in camp Farchana on the next trip departing Saturday, May 20!
  • $3,000 To support 300 girls for a year in camp Touloum

What has already been funded: $56,000

  • $14,000 Darfur United Training Camp in Sweden, leading to the international competition in Zimbabwe for Human Rights Day 
  • $10,000 to launch a new Academy in Bredjing
  • $32,000 The ongoing training of 3,200 refugee girls and boys in refugee camps in eastern Chad