Hear Her: an iACT for Refugees Gathering

Hosted by Alvaro Vela and Hannah Coleman

We invite you to join Alvaro and me as we share our support for iACT, a

Los Angeles-based international organization providing humanitarian action to aid, empower, and extend hope to those affected by mass atrocities, creating a world where people are connected and equipped to act. 

iACT refuses to accept the status quo of humanitarian aid and services for displaced communities. They place the community at the center and look outside the box to create alternative solutions that use environmental limitations as assets rather than obstacles. By working with refugees, their programs are shaped and molded to be the most effective for each community they work with. Their methods and mindset have proven successful in fostering refugee-led program ownership and rapid program expansion is on the horizon.

We are opening our home to share their work with you. We hope you will join us for drinks and appetizers to learn more about how they are challenging the traditional humanitarian model and facilitating leadership development in communities around the world.

Here's a glimpse at one of their award-winning programs:

2016 WISE Award Winner Little Ripples, USA from iACT on Vimeo.