Medic Mobile

We are all health workers


Services & Impact

Medic Mobile is a 501(c)3 nonprofit technology company that builds mobile and web tools for hard-to-reach communities. Health workers use Medic Mobile to register pregnancies, report disease outbreaks, keep track of essential medicines and communicate about emergencies.Image title
We need your help to reach more people
Over a billion people will never see a doctor. Yet 90% of the world has access to a cell signal. We need your help to bring Medic Mobile to these communities.
Here's how your donation will be put to work:
$2 supports sending 100 critical messages to frontline health workers.
$10 supports the purchase of 1 low-cost mobile phone for a community health worker serving 100 families.
$1,000 supports start-up costs for a communications hub at 1 clinic. 
Thank you from our whole team!
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