Fundraising for Flood Preparedness

Dirt and Rock Fill for Water Collection Areas

We at IGP have chosen to dedicate our lives to caring for Special Needs Draft horses, and as it is with most non-profit horse rescues, the number of wonderful animals we are able to help depends so much on our budget.  So here we are again asking for your assistance to help us continue to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our special needs horses and the entire retirement community here at our sanctuary.

OImage titlen Christmas eve 2015 we had an extreme flood which washed away half of our pastures and fencing. With the amount of damage this caused, followed by a year of drought, we have yet to recover what we lost.  We were able to rebuild a lot of fenceline.  However, this flood caused a significant amount of erosion in our pastures. 

Just recently (on Feb 11th, 2018) we had another flooding situation due to heavy rain which caused even more damage. 

As you may know mud is not a horse‚Äôs friend and can cause serious hoof and health concerns.  This greatly concerns all of us here at IGP.  Many of the horses here at have special needs and we are here to help each of the horses in our program the best that we can.

Horses in shelter

We are asking for your help to provide a safe and dry area for the retired sanctuary horses, even when it rains.  We have shelters, but we need safer and drier access to them, as well as containment and/or redirection of water flows when significant amounts of rainfall occur again like they did just recently.

  • Dirt fill to recover the lowest erosion spots in pastures.  This will deter the water back into the creek and prevent laying water during storms
  • Put 57 stone (rock) around each of the 7 pasture shelters.  This will help the entrance of each shelter from water access and remaining a foot or more mud around each shelter for days after rain subsides.
  • 57 stone (rock) at each entry gate. This will deter laying water and mud at the entry of several pastures.


Image titleThankfully, we have an offer from one of our supporters to assist in our fundraising efforts through a donation matching program. 

They will match donations up to $2,000 towards achieving these goals.

Donate Now and help us take advantage of this generous  offer to help raise funds!

Thank you!

Team IGP

Shelter in Flood

Taking donkeys to shelter