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As our lives become increasingly more reliant on basic computer knowledge and a connection to the Internet, a large segment of our population is being excluded from this trend because they lack the required technology to go online. Through PCs for People‚Äôs efforts to expand the accessibility of technology we are able to promote an increased digital literacy and the use of technology to encourage the development of twenty-first century skills. 

Despite the increasing number of devices capable of connecting to the Internet, the personal computer is still by far the most common technology used to gain access to the Internet. Recent studies show that households with incomes below $25,000 are half as likely to own a computer compared to those with an income exceeding $50,000. Subsequently, adults in these families are less likely to learn the basic computer skills they need to find employment or increase their value to their current employer. Children are unable to complete their homework or take advantage of the online learning tools many of their classmates are able to use regularly.

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PCs for People has applied for private grant funding to give 2,150 free computers and 1,075 internet subscriptions to low-income families across the Upper Midwest. To help us strengthen our proposal, we are seeking matching funds to show our commitment to the communities we serve. Every dollar you donate will be matched and provide twice the impact.

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