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Capital Campaign Videos

#1. Click here to watch our original campaign video.

#2. Amy Sandoz, the current president of our board of directors.

#3. Bill Resnick, the immediate past president of our board of directors.

#4. Lisa Fisher, member of our board of directors.

More videos coming soon!

Room Naming Opportunities

Room naming opportunities are a way in which we can recognize our donors for their generous support of our new building. We have several opportunities from which to choose. Check out the list below and for more information or to schedule a tour of the space, please email us: Thank you. Your support is essential!

Shared Community Space - $10,000 - One Available

Studio/Conference Rooms - $5,000 - Two Available

Multi-use Activity Rooms - $3,000 - Four Available

Capital Campaign Details

Our Origin

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Founded in the fall of 2007, The Relational Center began offering family counseling services and organizational consulting from a small office in Miracle Mile. Over the past 7 years we have grown substantially and incorporated many new activities, including support groups, community organizing, youth leadership training, and culture building. We now find ourselves among the leaders of a global movement towards prioritizing the critical importance of relationships, a value under threat by systems and institutions that rely on competition and exclusivity.

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Our mission is to lead a shift to a culture that values empathy, diversity, and interdependency. Our current location is no longer adequate to support the expanded services and activities needed to fulfill this mission. We are committed to our vision of a world of thriving communities where everyone feels a sense of belonging and has access to care and support, as well as the resources needed for individual and community wellbeing. We will accomplish this through our comprehensive range of strategies that engage with individuals, families, communities, and institutions to join with us in shifting the culture. 

Our Future

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We believe holistic health and wellness services should not be a luxury good, but rather accessible to all. To accomplish this, we need a building that supports more specialized wellness activities as well as larger classes, gatherings, and events. In our new Community Health and Wellness Center we will offer our members activities that nourish their minds and bodies, help build supportive relationships, and increase community engagement. In addition to our current counseling and consulting services, we will also provide yoga, meditation, movement classes, acupuncture, and therapeutic massage, as well as social change and activism activities, movement building, leadership development, and civic engagement education. It is crucial to our mission that we have space in which to gather, share stories, break bread, and build relationships. This new space will allow us to not only reach more people, but also to offer more sustainable and effective supports to everyone we serve.  

Our Need

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We believe that without a thriving We believe that without a thriving community, we lose the essential resource needed to keep us resilient in the face of life’s challenges. Unfortunately, communities are eroding all around us as we are bombarded by a culture of indifference, competition, and isolation. Our need for this new space is urgent and we can’t do it without your help. You can become a leader and support us to shift the culture toward embracing empathy, diversity, and interdependency, by making a tax-deductible donation. If you have the resources, please underwrite one of our facilitites needs listed on the right.

We we also gladly accept many of the items needed as in-kind donations. Please contact us directly to do so:

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