10 for 10: $10,000 GETS 10 KIDS TO CAMP BRAVE TRAILS

Help Us Send Ten Campers To Camp On Scholorship!

Meet some of the campers you are supporting! 

Every dollar helps make Camp Brave Trails a reality for our campers who are leaders and inspirations to others around them.

 "I could not afford to go to Camp Brave Trails on my own but it is something that I am extremely passionate about. I have been president of my GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) for 3 years. I dedicated my everyday life to spreading awareness for LGBTQ related issues, learning about what I can do and the ways I can impact the world." - J.B., 17, Camper

"What I am most looking forward to at camp is meeting new
people and friends that will understand my journey. I
haven't had the opportunity to meet many people in the
community that are open and accepting."- S.M., 14, Camper

"I am most looking forward to finally being able to be myself and be comfortable at a camp. I haven't been able to attend a summer camp since I've come out." - F.E., 15, Camper