GISC's Meetinghouse Fund

Four walls and the empty chair...

For those who love GISC - the building, the people, the values and heritage we represent - this one's for you.  

When they broke ground to build our beautiful meetinghouse in Wellfleet nearly fifteen years ago, Sonia and Edwin Nevis didn't know what the future would bring, but they were full of energy and hope for what they and the GISC community could achieve.  And achieve they did!  Achieve we did!  

It's taken a village, and now, in 2015, the center is still beautiful and is the home to more than thirty training programs, conferences, and events each year, keeping the Gestalt tradition and its power for change alive.

Physical Improvements - The meetinghouse is in need of new carpeting, lighting, paint, and outdoor seating - the kinds of things that begin to need attention after ten or fifteen years.  

Virtual Growth - We also need new technology to help bring Gestalt to new modes of virtual and interactive learning and GISC to people who can't make it to Cape Cod.  An online archive of our publications for our members, a state-of-the-art whiteboard for the main classroom, and an update of our website are all among the items on our wishlist!  

Please give to sustain and maintain this home for the GISC and greater Gestalt community situated right here, in the woods of Wellfleet.