Art ReLOVEution

changing the face of education through arts integration

Color Me Empowred is developing an Arts Integration Program that will bring visual arts education to schools that cannot afford a visual arts teacher. We are partnering with KIPP Truth Academy in South Dallas.  

Arts Integration is an innovative approach to education that weaves the visual arts in with core subjects so that students get a better understanding of difficult academic concepts through hands-on visual arts learning. Students are also getting the added benefit of creative problem solving skills that the arts provide and that are necessary in today’s workforce. We will be implementing this pilot program with a predominately at-risk population of students who wouldn’t otherwise be receiving visual arts education.

This programming will provide students with a creative outlet, real-world application of classroom learning, and key problem-solving skills. These skills help to foster resiliency in children.  Research shows that children who are resilient, as defined by Creative Partnerships for Prevention in 1998, have “an ability to successfully adapt and develop in healthy ways, despite exposure to risk or difficulty” (p.5). Resilient learners can learn and adjust to any learning environment, which gives them a competitive edge in school and in the workplace. Additionally, our program allows students to explore their own creativity, which fosters innovation. According to research done by Americans for the Arts, children exposed to the arts are four times as likely to receive academic recognition (2013, p.3). Arts education provides children with the tools they need to be successful in school, work and life. (Arts Educator Navigator, 2013, p.5).

Color Me Empowered Arts Integration Program provides visual arts curriculum in settings where a traditional art class is difficult or impossible to implement. Students will experience the benefits of arts education while simultaneously strengthening their understanding in the core subjects. Additionally, students will have increased creative problem-solving skills, will be provided a constructive, creative outlet, and will have a chance to develop abilities that will help them have overall success.

By giving to this campaign, you will be investing in a child's and a community's future.  That's money well spent.