Grow a GRuBber

Support a youth's experience in GRuB School

This summer, an entirely new youth crew will start their GRuB journey. The 7-week program is a diverse experience that offers:

  • job, communication, and social skill building
  • an elective credit
  • weekly produce they grow themselves
  • a standards based weekly stipend
  • gardening, cooking, self-care, and nutrition workshops
  • exercise, dirty nails, and a farmer's tan

While it is an easy argument to say their experience is priceless, what it costs to operate the summer program is substantial. Youth currently in the school-year portion of our program are taking on a goal to support the next class of GRuBbers; aiming to raise $8,000 toward the 2015 summer program's operating costs.

Several generous donors have stepped up and pledged an $8,000 match!

Help out by donating, then sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and through email. The links are to the right.

Thank you for showing your support for these young leaders!