PCs for Vibrant Communities

We are seeking matching funds to provide low-income children and adults with the technological tools necessary to promote economic and social participation.

Our plan is to partner with local school districts and workforce programs in the Twin Cites, Mankato, Eau Claire, Fargo, and Rochester to ensure that families in need receive a home computer with internet access and training. The average income for a family of three that receives a computer from PCs for People is $12,464. With such a low-income level and staggering average of 63% unemployment rate among recipients, many families struggle to support much beyond basic needs. These families will be able to use the computer and internet to complete school work and find employment.

The private grant funding will be distributed in May, but we are hoping to present the foundation our matching funds by April 15th. To make this fundraising campaign successful, we are seeking donations from both individuals and organizations interested in making an investment in their local community.

Since these funds will be matched, any amount you give will provide twice the impact. Additional information about the grant will be provided in May with the hopes that the events will start in June.