Just Another Day

For Over Half of Our Country’s Children Father’s Day Has No Reason to be Special…To Them it is Just Another Day

Just Another Day

For those that are fatherless, Father’s Day is just another day of torment of what was or what should be. Of deep pain which society pats them on the head saying it is ok. It is not ok. Most cry themselves to sleep wondering what they did wrong.

Fatherlessness is a dangerous societal issue causing America to crumble at its core…just like every civilization of the past where the family has failed. We can no longer look the other way; we must face the ever-increasing epidemic of fatherlessness happening right in front of us. 50% of our country's children, over 25 million kids under the age of 18, are growing up in homes without their fathers.

Fatherlessness is an epidemic

Today over 12 million boys are growing up without the guidance of an honorable man to guide them into manhood. Every day that passes, the pain and damaging wound of abandonment deepens, threatening them and society. These boys are prone to drop out of school, commit violent acts, abuse drugs/alcohol, commit suicide, and serve jail time. These boys are angry, bitter, and scared.

As a Christian organization, “Fathers in the Field” recognizes that God calls us to defend the cause of the fatherless (Isaiah 1:17) and answer this call by helping single moms by providing a godly Mentor Father for her fatherless son through the local Church.

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Currently there are only four missionaries serving our entire country. Fathers in the Field vitally needs to keep these missionaries in the field and raise up additional individuals to serve and rescue the fatherless in every neighborhood across our nation.

We need your help reaching and inspiring more Mentors. Sadly, our country is now the Mission Field. You can help change a life by rekindling hope and the adventure spirit of a boy who has been abandoned by his father.

Your gift of a financial donation will allow our missionaries to continue their vital work to rescue more fatherless boys and help heal the abandonment wound.

What is it worth to make Father’s Day a better day for a fatherless boy.…and not just another day?